Roles & Postioning

What equipment will I need to umpire?

When umpiring a game of hockey it is essential that you have the right equipment to do the job to a good standard. 

The essential equipment an umpire must have is:

  • A whistle (pea-less whistles such as a "Fox 40" are best) 
  • Set of warning cards - green (triangle), yellow (square) and red (round)
  • A pen to keep track of goals and cards given
  • A stop watch or count down timer
  • Drink bottle

What should I wear to umpire?
Umpires need to be easily identified by the players, spectators and team officials. Umpire shirts area available for purchase.

When umpiring you should consider wearing the following:

  • A bright plain coloured shirt that is different to both teams
  • Dark pants or skirt
  • Suitable dark coloured shoes (recommended to wear same shoes you would play in for grip)
  • Sunglasses or hat if sun may affect vision

Where do I stand as an umpire? 

The following document outlines the general areas umpires cover.

Positioning of Umpires

Roles of an Umpire
Apart from applying the rules of hockey, an umpire has many other responsibilities that must be performed. 

They include the following:

Prior to the game

  • Arriving early to the ground (at least 15 minutes before start of play)
  • Introduce yourself to fellow umpire and team coaches
  • Warm and stretch
  • Check the playing surface, goals and players equipment and remove any dangerous items

During the Game

  • Apply the rules of hockey to the best of your ability
  • Keep the game and players safe and respond to any dangerous situations
  • Display a confident and positive attitude

After the Game

  • Shake hands with players and team officials
  • Cool down and stretch
  • Check and sign the match record sheet