2020 Club Membership – A Message from the President

The Port Adelaide District Hockey Club is a club with a magnificent history spanning 85 years.  The only time in our history where the club has been forced to close down was during World War II.  We have had so many challenges over the years which we have always overcome and become the club we are today.

We have achieved this through the resilience and loyalty of our members (many of whom are intergenerational).  However, we are now facing our biggest challenge ever. 

The decision to postpone the hockey competition in Adelaide is unprecedented, but clearly correct.  The health and wellbeing of our great Magpie hockey family is of utmost importance.  We all need to play our part, follow government advice and protect the most vulnerable members of our community.

In regards to our Club, it is our responsibility to move forward steadily and in a positive way.   We owe it to all of our members to ensure we will be here for many generations to come.   There is too much history and too many people who have invested so much to this club in so many capacities to allow any other outcome.

At this stage we need help from the Magpie hockey family more than ever before.

Your club management committee met last week and will continue to work as the weeks and months progress on critical items.  Our biggest concern is the financial implications of the closure of the club for the expected extended period.  There are numerous fixed operating costs that remain whether the club is open or closed and for the club to survive we must have a cash flow to enable us to pay those fixed operating costs. 

2020 Membership Fees:

Our 2020 budget has been revised.  The membership fees for 2020 have been reviewed and amended to reflect the current situation.  A large proportion of the club has already had the full opportunity to participate in the pre-season preparation and that is reflected in the amended fee structure. 

The revised membership fees for 2020 are as follows:

Non Playing Members$40
Playing Members (Seniors)
[Club Membership $40 + 2020 Club Survival Fee $60]
Playing Members (Senior Concession)
[Full time tertiary students, apprenticeships, unemployed]
[Club membership $25 + 2020 Club Survival Fee $35 = $60]
U18 Juniors
[Club membership $15 + 2020 Club Survival Fee $35 = $50]
U15 Juniors
[Club membership $15 + 2020 Club Survival Fee $30 = $45]
U13 Juniors
[Club membership $15 + 2020 Club Survival Fee $25 = $40]
U11 Juniors
[Club membership $15 + 2020 Club Survival Fee $20 = $35]
U9 Juniors
[Club membership $15 + 2020 Club Survival Fee $15 = $30]

Parents of primary school children are requested to complete Sports Vouchers for the payment of their fees.  For some schools, Year 7 is now the first year of high school.  However, vouchers can still be claimed for children in Year 7.  Further information will be provided concerning the application process for these vouchers.

Over the next week the Club will reissue invoices to our members.  You will continue to be able to pay by 3 instalments (30 April, 31 May and 30 June).  

Rebate of Fees already paid:

If you have already paid your 2020 membership – sincere thanks.  Members in this category will be credited with the fees paid less the revised 2020 fee.  Financial members who wish to have a refund of the balance of their fees should let us know and we will refund the balance immediately.  If you are happy for your account to be in credit that would be very much appreciated by the club.  I will make direct contact with those members who have paid their fees to discuss your options.  

Hockey Australia / Hockey SA Registration Fees

These fees should not be paid at this stage.  We will update you on this matter as further information is received from Hockey Australia / Hockey SA.

Past Players

We will be making contact with past players of the Club – players who have worn the black and white stripes with great pride and success over past generations and asking them to become non-playing members for 2020 at a fee of $40. By becoming 2020 Members they will assist our great Club to survive this challenge and ensure we are around for many more years to come.

Life Members

We will also be contacting all of our surviving Life Members requesting they also assist.


We will be making personal contact with all of our sponsors to establish whether they are able in these difficult times to pledge their ongoing support for the Club, whether it be for 2020 or for future years. 

We hope to be able to provide some support and distraction to all of you through the coming months.  Despite the postponement of matches, we will provide opportunities to members to connect with each other through our website, email and social media outlets.

We will be playing hockey again – it will just take some time.

Take care all.  On behalf of the Management Committee I wish you all the best through the upcoming period.

Dennis Meredith AM
Port Adelaide District Hockey Club Inc.