Message from the President

Dear fellow Magpies

Further to my message a couple of days ago, I can now confirm that TRAINING IS BACK!

Step 1 of the SA Roadmap for easing Covid-19 Restrictions from 11 May 2020 was announced by the Premier a few days ago and amongst many other initiatives this step includes resumption of limited training for community sport (including hockey). 

As I advised in my message to you on Monday, the Club has been preparing for returning to training, albeit on a limited basis and with specific restrictions, for many weeks now.  Your management committee has worked tirelessly on this matter.  I acknowledge the cooperation, advice and assistance that has been available to the Club, and in particular Sports SA and Clubs SA.  In addition, we have worked throughout this process in a very constructive/collaborative way with Hockey SA.  The final document was only settled this morning.

I am therefore delighted to announce that we are all ready to go and training will commence for the PL/M1 squads tomorrow night and for all other grades (seniors and juniors) from next week (Tuesday and Thursday).  All details of times for the various grades are set out in the club’s Guidelines (attached hereunder).

Training will be different but I believe very exciting.  It has now been some weeks that we have been able to get out on the pitch and enjoy our beloved sport.  

At this stage there is no specific timelines fixed for resumption to full competition.  I would hope that we may be able to start competition again by the first weekend in July, but much is to happen between now and then for that to become a reality.  I will attend a video conference of Club Presidents tonight for further updates from Hockey SA and continue to update everyone on developments as they take place.

Again, I would stress, this pandemic is far from over – please take care and keep safe. 

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information or just wish to have a chat.  My mobile is 0416 955 082

Dennis Meredith AM
Port Adelaide District Hockey Club Inc.



(Updated 13 May 2020)

The Port Adelaide District Hockey Club continues to follow Emergency Management (Non-Essential Business and Other Activities No 5 (COVID-19) Direction 2020 under section 25 of the Emergency Management Act 2004 (dated 11 May 2020), together with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Framework for Rebooting Sport in a Covid-19 Environment (01 May 2020), and the directions of the South Australian Minister for Sport, Recreation and Racing, and SA Health. 

As long as the following guidelines are followed, limited club training activities can resume again. 

Club responsibilities:

As a Club we undertake the following key points: 

  • We are fully aware of and compliant to the best of our ability with the South Australian and Federal Government legislation and COVID-19 Directions, and
  • These Guidelines and Directions are adhered to and ensure that all coaching personnel, athletes and associated persons will be required to fulfil these guidelines.

Guidelines for training sessions:

  • The Club will implement training times for both senior and junior athletes.  
  • Athletes will be required to register on-line to attend a training session.  Individual groups will be restricted to ten (10) athletes + one (1) coach.  
  • Players must not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to commencement of their training session.
  • Athletes will be checked off against on-line registrations upon arrival to ensure that in the event that a communicable illness were to occur contact tracing would be readily available.  (Illustration 4)
  • All attendees will be required to enter the club training facility via the front gates in designed entry lane.  (Illustration 3)
  • Athletes will exit the venue in designated exit lane through front gates. (Illustration 5)
  • The player change rooms will not be open or accessible. (Illustration 6)
  • The two (2) umpire change rooms (one male, one female) will be open and used only as toilets.   Liquid hand rinse and paper towelling will be available in the two designated toilets. (Illustration 7).  The shower will be locked and not be available for use.  (Illustration 8) 
  • A participant is allowed to be accompanied by only one (1) caregiver who is not participating in training.  Grandstand seating will be marked to indicate appropriate 1.5 social distancing space for all accompanying caregivers who enter the facility.  (Illustrations 10 and 11)
  • Club members (volunteers) who are undertaking official duties (including coaching staff) at the Club or for the purpose of the relevant activity will not be counted in the maximum number of persons allowed for each activity.
  • No food or beverage will be provided at the venue (whether for purchase or otherwise) for consumption at the venue (including the clubrooms).  
  • In the interests of safe hygiene neither the ice-making machine nor the purified water tap will be available for use at any training session. 
  • Hand Sanitiser (70% ethanol) to be made available at following points:
    • Entry to the venue
    • Exit to the venue
    • Entrances / exits to the pitch
    • Toilets
    • Adjacent to roller door of canteen (parents, guardians, etc.) (Illustration 9)

Hockey Activity:

  • The synthetic turf will be divided into thirds and will be delineated by hockey boards, high vis bollards and safety flags.  Each third comprises an area (including run-off areas) of 60m x 30m = 180 m2 = 18 m2 per participant.  (Illustrations 1 and 2)
  • Access to the pitch and exit from the pitch will be by three separate entrances (one for each third).  Group 1 (using the southern change room end) will enter and leave the pitch by the dedicated entrance adjacent to the change rooms (Entrance1).  Group 2 (using the northern scoreboard end) will enter and leave the pitch adjacent to the technical bench dug-out (Entrance 2).  Group 3 (using the centre third of the ground) will enter and leave the pitch through the double gate entrance to the pitch.  (Illustrations 12, 13 and 14).
  • A maximum of ten (10) participants (athletes) + one (1) coach will be allowed in each designated third of the pitch at any one time.
  • Only non-contact skills training drills will be allowed in the small groups.  However, accidental contact may occur but there must be no deliberate body contact drills.
  • Hockey sticks cannot be shared between athletes. 
  • Athletes and coaching staff must practice safe hygiene at all times, including washing hands for at least 20 seconds before and after any training session. 
  • Individuals must leave the premises immediately after the conclusion of their training session.  No socialising in groups will be permitted.
  • Each coach will be provided with a set of hockey balls and training markers.  Only coaches will be permitted to touch the hockey balls and training markers.  It will be the responsibility of each coach to clean the markers after each training session. 
  • Training bibs cannot be used.  It will be the responsibility of each player to ensure they bring a dark and light-coloured playing top.  All playing kits (shirts, shorts/skirts and socks) should be laundered between each training sessions. 
  • No athletes and/or coaches will be permitted to use drink bottles unless they are clearly labelled with their individual name.  
  • Training times will initially be as follows:
    • Tuesdays: 
      5.00 pm – 6.30 pm        Under 15 and Under 18
      6.30 pm – 7.30 pm        Premier League & Metro 1 women (3 groups)
      7.30 pm – 8.30 pm        Premier League & Metro 1 men (3 groups)
    • Thursdays:
      4.30 pm – 5.15 pm        Under 9
      5.15 pm – 6.00 pm        Under 11 and Under 13
      6.00 pm – 6.45 pm        Premier League & Metro 1 women (3 groups)
      6.45 pm – 7.30 pm        Premier League & Metro 1 men (3 groups)
      7.30 pm – 9.00 pm        Metro 2 – Metro 6 and Masters (2 men’s groups and 1 women’s group)
    • Saturdays:
      10.00 am – 11.00 am    Premier League & Metro 1 women (3 groups)
      11.00 am – 12 noon      Premier League & Metro 1 men (3 groups)
    • TBC: Other Senior Grades/Masters
Zone 1- Dennis Meredith Pavilion end, bag drop off & entry by the new change rooms.
Zone 2- Hart St end, bag drop off under pergola/bbq area, enter by gate closest to tech bench. Zone 3- middle of pitch, bag drop off next to grandstand by home dugout, enter via double gate.
*Registrations will open approx. 24-48hrs prior to each training *

See downloadable document below.

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