Saturday, 12 September 2020

12:15pm M2M v Westminster
2:00pm M3M v Forestville
3:45pm M6M v Enfield
5:30pm M3W v UniSA
7:15pm M4W v Forestville*

Rump & Red Night, serving from 6:30pm

The Social Committee wants this to be a family affair, so we have tailored our menu to suit you and your families!

For the Adults, treat yourself to:
– Steak, Salad, Chips & Garlic Bread
– Cannelloni, Salad, Chips & Garlic BreadYou can purchase the above as it is or in a deal with a PADHC wine glass and 1 fill.

We will have some premium wines available for the occasion and PADHC wine glasses for individual sale.

For the kids, treat them to:
– Pasta Bolognese & Garlic Bread
– Nuggets, Chips & Garlic Bread

You can purchase the above as is or in a deal with a juice box and dessert (Dixie cup).

We will have some classic tunes playing throughout the night for you to enjoy!

*pre-order available for M4W


PL & M1 teams play away and are encouraged to head back to the club after games for dinner!

A couple of volunteers are sought after to help with running of meals.

For more details and to RSVP click here.

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