Life Memberships

1936 – Arthur Weir

Arthur Weir, one of hockey’s most notable identities, passed away at the Repatriation General Hospital on 20 April, in his 91st year. Arthur’s lifetime achievements were amazing. Enlisting in the A.I.F. (Signals Corp) in World War I at 19 years of age, he served in France and was awarded the Military Medal and Bar for bravery and was also mentioned in despatches. After being wounded and gassed, he was invalided home to Victoria.

In 1920 he took up hockey to aid in his recuperation and played until 1928, representing Victoria in 1927. He was transferred to South Australia in 1928 and played for Forestville and Shell Clubs to 1933.

From 1934 until 1954 he played for Magpies Hockey Club (later to become Largs Bay then Port Adelaide). In all he played more than 500 games of hockey. In 1932 he was captain of the South Australian State team.

Arthur’s career as a hockey administrator was equally as extensive. From 1925 to 1928 he served on the Victorian Hockey Association Executive, was President of the Magpies/Largs Bay/Port Adelaide Hockey Clubs from 1934 to 1952, was a member of the South Australian Hockey Association Executive from 1934 to 1939 and was President of SAHA from 1939 to 1941. He also served as a coach and selector for senior and junior State teams and was a Vice Patron of ‘the South Australian Hockey Association from 1942 until his death.

He was elected to Life Membership of Port Adelaide in 1936 and of the South Australian Hockey Association in 1946. In 1979 he received the AHA Award of Merit in recognition of his representation for Victoria and South Australia at Australian Hockey Association Annual General Meetings.

In 1982 he became the first person to receive the International Hockey Federation (FIH) Diploma of Merit and for his service to the sport received an Order of Australia Medal from the Federal Government in 1978.

In 1961 Arthur founded Hockey News, a weekly newsletter which was made available to all members of the South Australian Hockey Association. He remained Editor of this publication until the end of the 1963 season.
Arthur always maintained that hockey gave him back his health after World War I and his service to the sport was a repayment for that gift. He repaid the debt with compound interest.

1936 – Merlyn Binnie

1936 – William Spangler

1940 – Roth Martin                          

1952 – Herbert Sutton                   

1953 – Rex Martin                            

1964 – Don Germein

Hockey has played a large part in the life of South Australian Hockey Association President, Don Germein and so it was fitting that he became the 20’1′ Life Member of the Association at a recent Annual General meeting.

54 years old, Don began playing hockey with the Largs Bay Hockey Club (now Port Adelaide) in 1938 and continued playing until 1961. From 1947 until 1960 he played regularly in the Club’s senior leant. A highlight of his playing career was winning the `Advertiser Newspaper’ Trophy as the State’s Best and Fairest player in 1959 at the age of 36.

Don held most official positions in his Club at various times and in conjunction with his playing service he was rewarded with Life Membership in 1964.

Retiring as a player, Don took up umpiring and continued in that capacity until he became President of the South Australian Hockey Association four years ago. He achieved an Australian Badge as an umpire.

He turned his administrative talents to Association affairs in 1964 and this service included four years as Treasurer, five years as vice-President and for the last tour years as President. He has also represented SAHA at Australian Hockey Association Annual General Meetings.

In addition to assisting with the organisation and conduct of National Championships at all levels he was a State Selector at both Senior and Under 21 levels for several years.

During the summer months Don ‘relaxes’ by crewing in a rescue boat at the Largs Bay Sailing Club and incidentally has helped to rescue a number of Hockey players also taking part in their summer sport.

  • Longest serving active member of the Club – 1938-2000 (except 1942-45 war service),
  • Playing record: 1938-41, 1946-62
  • Administrative record: Club President – 1955-57
  • Club Secretary and/or Treasurer 1940-41, 1958-59, 1961-62
  • Awards: SAHA Best & Fairest Player 1959
  • Club Life Membership 1964 SAHA Life Membership 1978 AHA Award of Merit 1988 Australian Sports Medal 2000.
  • SAHA: Management Committee 1964-1990 Treasurer 1966-1969
  • Vice President 1970-1974 President 1975-1978
  • Chairman, Fixtures Committee 1979-1980 Director, State Hockey Committee 1982-1990
  • AHA: Annual Meeting Delegate 1966-1968
  • Judge at Australian Senior Championships, 1970, 74, 77, 79, 80, 82, 88
  • Umpiring: 1962-1974 (Australian Badge)
  • Achievements/projects: Original Clubrooms, 2 Trophy Cabinets, General Clubrooms Maintenance
  • Responsible for compilation of history of Club
  • Family connection with the Club: Sons Peter and Graeme as players Daughter Wendy as player
  • Wife Marjorie – many years service in Club Canteen

1967 – Keith Cosh                            

1972 – Allan Drever                         

1973 – Jack McGrath

Jack McGrath, one of the real characters of SA Hockey passed away peacefully at home on 22 July 1997, aged 71.

Jack’s hockey career with the Port Adelaide District Hockey Club began in 1946 and continued uninterrupted until the time of his death.

His involvement in SA hockey was extensive – a player, coach, administrator, State Team Manager and avid parochial supporter.

Jack’s playing career extended from the late 1940’s to the early 60’s. He told the story against himself that his decision to “hang up his boots” was made as a result of a flying missile that hit while playing a home match (the missile in fact being the stiletto heel of the shoe of an agitated woman spectator).

As a Club administrator he was President, Treasurer and Management Committee member at various times. He also undertook coaching at the Club, both seniors and juniors, and at the Largs Bay Primary School.

He wore the State blazer with great pride as Manager of the SA Under 21 Men’s team front 1974-1981 -one of the most successful eras of the Colts team. He was enormously proud of his involvement with these teams, regarding it as the highlight of his hockey career.

It was as a team manager and sideline supporter that Jack gained his reputation as one of the truly great characters of SA club hockey. His passionate and colourful support of the Magpies was legendary. His philosophy of playing hard on the field and enjoying a drink with the opposition afterwards was one of his hallmarks and earned him the many friends he had across the board in SA hockey.

1974 – Bill Gardner                          

1975 – Bill Brooks                             

1976 – Dennis Meredith

Dennis was only 18 years old when he first became the Secretary of the Club, the year following his first State representation as a player. After a very successful time as a State and Australian player be began an exceptional period of umpiring at Australian Senior Championships and International tournaments. The list of his achievements speaks for itself:

  • Club Player: 1959- 1995
  • Club Secretary: 1963-67, 1969, 1978-81, 1995
  • State Player: Under 21 1962, 1964-65; Seniors 1965-1971
  • Australian Player: 1967
  • Club Coach: 1972-73
  • Club President: 1974-77, 1987-94
  • Umpire: Australian Senior Championships 1973-1988 International 1973-1988 (including Olympic Games, World Cup and Champions Trophy tournaments) Amateur Sports Award: 1964
  • Club Life Membership: 1976
  • AHA Award of Merit: 1983
  • FIH Guust Lauthowers Trophy: 1986
  • (Inaugural recipient for services to the development of international hockey umpiring) SAHA Life Membership: 1994
  • Umpire Coach: Coached Hockey umpires at International, National, State and Club level for many years. Coordinated and conducted numerous coaching (playing and umpiring) clinics in developing nations on behalf of the
  • International Olympic Committee – Olympic Solidarity Courses (Western Samoa, Fiji, Papua and New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, India, South Korea, Malawi)
  • FIH Umpire Manager: From 1988
  • FIH Umpire Assessor: From 1988
  • FiH Technical Officer: From 1988 FIH Umpire Development Officer, Asia: 1998-2000 Official of the Year (Men’s Hockey): 1997
  • (Australian Sports Commission National Officiating Program Awards) Australian Sports Medal: 2000

1978 – Bruce Baulderstone

Bruce Baulderstone, one of the most successful coaches in South Australia (both for the Club and the State), having coached the Club to four of its six A1 premierships at that stage, was elected a Life Member. He had made significant contributions to the Club, both as a player, coach and administrator.

1979 – Ross Tapping                        

1982 – Peter Germein                    

1986 – Trevor Cibich

Trevor was undoubtedly one of the most accomplished and skilful players to wear the Port Adelaide uniform, but during his long membership with the Club he has contributed far more than as just a player.

Trevor’s history with the Club is as follows:

  • Club Player: 1966-1993
  • State Player: Under 12 – 1996 Under 16 – 1968-69 Under 21 – 1970-74
  • Seniors -1972-82 Australian Player: 1974
  • Club Coach: Men – 1977-79 and 1986-94 Women – 1995-2000
  • Club President 1981
  • Club Secretary: 1982-83
  • State Coach: Under 17 – 1986
  • Senior (Men) 1987-89, NHL 1997-98 NHL (Women) 1999-2000
  • Club Life Membership: 1986
  • Hockey SA State Award: 1994
  • SAHA Best & Fairest Award: 1978, 1979, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986

1987 – Geraldine Kennett                            

1987 – Rosie Jones                          

1987 – Joan Tutton                          

1988 – John Collett                          

1990 – Gary Victory                         

1995 – Marilyn Young                     

1995 – Neil Pentecost                    

2000 – Rick Holliday                         

2000 – Jeff Wait                

2001 – Derek Hutchins                   

2004 – Jo Haynes                              

2007 – William Drewett

Bill Drewett has been a playing member of this club since his U16 days.  This dates back to 1963 and represents a total playing time for the club of 44 years which is exceptional.

There hasn’t been a season where Bill has not got the stick out of the boot and put on his shinnies and played for Port with the sole intent of winning every game and letting everyone know that winning was the only satisfactory result, especially team mates.

This spirit has created the legend of PADHC, a club disliked by all others yet envied by all.

A quick glance along of Premiership Wall will see Bill as an intimidating member of the A grade team of the 1970s through the decades in Div2, Div3 Div4, Div5 and the last 7 years as an integral member of the Div 6 team.

It is difficult to guess how many premierships Bill has actually played in but I have no doubt it will be more than anyone else in the club.

If you tallied up all games played by Bill Drewett including winter and Vets, it would be well in excess of 1000 games as a Magpie. There is also the PADHC teams in Australian Masters and World Masters games.  To this tally, you can add SA State selection and State Vets for the past 15 years. He has also been selected in the Australian Vets with his most recent selection in 2007.  

Bill is one of the rare recipients of life membership where playing service has been rewarded. 

2009 – Trevor Stockley

Trevor Stockley has clearly made a significant contribution to the Club over a considerable period of time that required considerable personal commitment.

On the field

  • Trevor played full time at the club from the age of 8 until he was about 38
  • Around 4 years top grade side
  • And around 10 years in the Reserves
  • 5 reserve grade premierships
  • A number of reserve grade awards
  • Trevor also played State junior rep hockey at Under 12, 14 and 15 levels, captaining the Under 12’s.Whilst not the most talented/skilled player Trevor’s fitness, dedication and hardness often saw him beat far more skilled opponents and he was respected by both peers and opposition for these aspects of his game and his willingness to leave it on the field and have a beer at the bar afterwards!

It is perhaps off the field though where Trevor’s major contributions to the club occurred.

  • Trevor coached junior hockey teams at Port Adelaide for about 5 years.
  • He was treasurer at the club for ten years.
  • During his time as Treasurer, in conjunction with the likes of Dennis Meredith and Trevor Cibich, Trevor guided the club’s transition and acquisition of its first artificial sand-based turf pitch, including along with several others being guarantors for the initial loan, without which the pitch purchase would not have gone ahead and we would not be in the position we are in today.
  • Trevor was on the committee for 2 years prior to taking on the treasurer role, 12 years in total on committee officially, and many more unofficially.
  • Trevor was grounds manager for about 6 years in a period where the work load was enormous, having to maintain/mark lines/mow etc our 2 grass grounds at the time which were considered to be the best in the State, hosting many grand finals and including the Under 21 Australian championships held at the club in 1986.
  • Trevor was also actively involved in fundraising for many years, including running/organising of draws, “gents nights”, and other activities which saw the club be amongst the most successful financially in the State.
  • Trevor was the first respondent to the alarm at the club for many years, including a time when thieves broke into the roof. An event that generates many a good story.
  • He also adopted many maintenance projects around the club.
  • Through the years when he was manager of WRL Sheetmetal employed at different times as many as 8 players from the club (at the one time!).

Whilst the above list is impressive Trevor is also part of the rich history and culture of the place both on and off the field, his dedication in both cases epitomising what it is to be a true Magpie and always putting the needs of the club first.

2015 – Mark Victory

2015 – Paul Beckmann 

2018 – Guy Wightman

Guy commenced playing for the Port Adelaide District Hockey Club around the age of 10-12 years approx. Marilyn Young invited him to play after having participated in the Largs Bay Primary School team in approximately 1981. He played all his junior hockey here and unfortunately stopped at the end of his Under 17’s (as it was then) as he was not invited to join any senior teams the following year. After a break of around 3 years (and at the request of his terminally ill mother, Heather) he returned to the PADHC at the age of 21. He has continued to play (and manage, coach represent on the committee) uninterrupted ever since. This would be from 1992 until 2018 a period of 26 years. He brought both his niece and nephew (Tash and Michael Wightman) to the club and coached a number of junior teams from around 1993 – 1998. Somewhere in the period of 1998-2002 he served as Junior Coordinator on the committee for 2 years and continued to coach junior grades between this period.He continued to play/manage during 2002 to 2006 he reprised his coaching role with the Under 9’s when his son Drew commenced playing. This continued from 2006 through to 2010. He served as a general committee member for around 2 years around 2010-2012. He moved into a senior coaching role with the Metro 1 Women in 2015. Coaching for 3 seasons and winning one premiership and 2 runners up. As a player himself he has won in excess of 15 Premierships across Metro 1 through to Metro 4 and Veterans/Masters. He has participated in 3 Masters Games and in 2010 was awarded the William “Bill” Drewett Award for playing service to the club. He captained/coached the Metro 4 (Muppets) side to 3 or 4 premierships in more recent years and in 2018 has stepped backed up to Metro 3 where he again manages the side. Throughout the 2000’s he has been an integral part of “the hill” on Grand Final days supplying canopies, support and creating video content as an everlasting memory of club success for all to share. His dedication to off season working bees, general maintenance, managing “roasts on the spit” for club home days, not to mention complete renovation of the club kitchen in the “new millennium” has been second to none. Examples such as ice machine and the like, employing club members such as David Reid. Whilst he may not gain points for years spent on committees, there isn’t a person in the last 25 years at the club that could doubt his love, enthusiasm and complete commitment to the Port Adelaide District Hockey Club. He would rather give up playing completely than move to another club. He is the true definition of “club man”.

Club Record:

  • Playing record: 1982-1989, 1992-2018, from Under 10’s, across most
    grades right up to Premier League (1 match 1998)
  • Premierships: 15+
  • State rep: SA Masters (+45’s)


  • 3 years Metro 1 ladies (1 flag, 2 runners up): 2015-17
  • 2 years Metro 5/6 ladies (aka 69ers) 2011/12
  • Coach numerous junior sides various age groups (approx. 8 seasons in total)
  • Coach/Manager Metro 4 Men 4 years
  • Manager Metro 3 Men 2018
    Committee (including social, sponsorship, maintenance):
  • Management Committee: 3 years (2010-2012)
  • Junior Coordinator 2 years
  • Performed maintenance in various capacities at the club

2018 – Sarah Harrison

Sarah (affectionately known as Harry) commenced playing with the Club in 1998. She first made the Premier League team in 2000 and has played in 18 consecutive Grand Finals – winning 14 premiership medals. This magnificent record is unparalleled in the history of Hockey in this State. Sarah’s record of success, both from a team and individual point of view, places her at the highest echelon of performers across our club’s rich history. The numbers speak for themselves. However, they do not accurately reflect how she has been a unifying figure, not just with her uncompromising style of play and the setting of the finest example on the training track, but when there have been times of crisis and the team has been up against it, Sarah both as captain and player has led by example and more often than not come out on top. It is staggering to this day how this has not been recognized with an association medal, but to win 4 Magpie medals and 6 MVP’s in a side littered with State and Australian representation, and with unprecedented team success, speaks volumes for her on-field contribution.
Sarah’s work on both the social and sponsorship committee’s has been outstanding, with numerous large and small sponsorships garnered particularly in recent years in a time where sponsorships have been hard to find in general for sporting clubs. She has been the driving force behind a vibrant social program for the club for a decade now.

Club Record:

  • Commenced playing at the Club 1998
  • Premier League player since 2000
  • Premier League Premierships: 14
  • Premier League Captain: 2009 – current time
  • Magpie Medals: 4
  • MVP’s: 6
  • Marilyn Young playing services award 2016
    State Representative:
  • Suns 2003-2013
  • State U16-18-21 1998-2006
    National Representative:
  • U16 Australian Schoolgirls 2000

  • PADHC U17’s/18s 3 years
  • Division 2 Women
    Committee (incl. social & sponsorship):
  • Social committee 10 years
  • Management committee 3 years
  • Sponsorship committee 5 years

2021 – Paul Finnie

2021 – Fiona Prentice

2021 – Sue Kitto